jon malis

Notes and observations from my retracing of Booth's escape from Washington DC to Garrett's Farm

These images did not begin as photographs so much as they did a series of thoughts hastily scrawled inside my notebook. As I was lead on the journey of Booth's escape - from Washington, DC, to Garrett's Farm, Virginia - I made copious observations as they related to what I saw along our journey in comparison with what I knew of Booth's actual escape. Where was it that he actually died (and how much credence to the actual history should I lend the somewhat-misleading historical plaque)? What was it like to cross the river? How many people actually care about the history surrounding the man who killed a sitting President?

These are questions I don't necessarily have answers to, but this narrative is my attempt at editorializing Booth's escape as I saw it - from the route he traveled to the places he would've seen along his path to our search for his final resting place.

Notes & Observations Did he escape through Door #1 or Door #2?
Notes & Observations I wonder if he stopped to enjoy the beach after crossing the Potomac?
Notes & Observations What would John Wilkes Booth do with discount fireworks?
Notes & Observations Did he stop at the small church along the way?
Notes & Observations I can see how he hid in the dense thicket for three days.
Notes & Observations A sign! (But a false alarm, keep on down the road)
Notes & Observations Another sign (closer yet, but what is that truck doing here?)
Notes & Observations Does this beer bottle mark his final resting place?
Notes & Observations I think we're getting warmer (but what is there to steal?)
Notes & Observations Pennies mark the spot.