jon malis


These are documents of memories I captured on film.

After developing a roll of film, I would photochemically impart a frame from the roll of film back onto it's original metal canister by coating the inside surface of the flattened cartridge in photographic emulsion and exposing it to light. This allows for abstract patterns on the surface of the canister to emerge, referencing the original images shot on this roll of film through referential naming.

I am left with an abstract documentation of events from my life, while the viewer is challenged to interpret an otherwise-abstract composition in the terms of its original context and my memories associated with the content.

Relics A Day In London With Jeffrey
Relics Untitled #3 (I have no idea what it's from)
Relics Success, or so it appears
Relics The First Time I Ever Developed Color Film
Relics Test #1: A Proof Of Concept For All Others To Follow