jon malis

Light and Location - it's what lends authenticity to the moment, and allows the audience to be immersed in what they're seeing on screen.

As a cinematographer, I work within the languages of lighting and camera movement to give character to the script and events unfolding on screen.

I've filmed a wide-range of content - from short narrative films to feature-length documentaries, international TV pilots to informational promotions for corporate, nonprofit and government clients.

Films & TV Works I've photographed:
The Funeral (Short Narrative Drama)
Liberty Road (Short Narrative Drama)
The Loudest Show On Earth (Feature Documentary)
Man With A Bolex Movie Camera (Short Narrative Comedy)
Catching Up (Short Narrative Drama)
Boxes (Short Narrative Drama)
Fueled By Nature (TV Pilot)
Behind Saint Elizabeth's Hospital (Short Documentary / Teaser for Feature Project)
DASH (Short Narrative Drama)

Clients I've Worked With: NFL Films, Snyder's of Hanover, The New Yorker, Hillwood Museum, The Pew Charitable Trusts, US Dep't of Defense, Smithsonian Museums, PBS, Political Lobbying Firms, SAIC

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